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Technically speaking, the task was not demanding in terms of engineering time, instead, all of the efforts were made towards creating an elegant design that respected and reflected on the size and market position of Agrotech. User experience of the websites were especially crafted to keep focus of visitors on the content of Agrotech’s operations. Therefore, while not designing the website graphics heavy, an elegant compromise was found.

Man with running jacket

Although this project was completed in 2022, Agency216 is still providing digital design and software solutions to Agrotech.

Online Identity & Visibility Design

Agrotech is a company that operates in 4 different sectors: technology, health, food and agriculture. Having tremendous success in their operations, Agency216 was approached to help them mirror this success in the digital world. A desktop and mobile website was required at the start of the project which also included the base design of social media accounts.





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What Agrotech required was not only a website but also the creation of their online identity. A digital gateway for them to showcase their work top current and potential clients. Since their work mostly consists of B2B operations, the design language we have selected was modified accordingly. Since this was not an e-commerce website that allows directs sales, the design was focused on the corporate identity of Agrotech.


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